Friday, April 22, 2005

"The teacher's to be clearheaded in separating out a student's poor performance or detachment and defensiveness from intellectual possibility.And when the conditions are right - the right teacher or approach or moment in a young person's life - when this clicks, wary students can be engaged, caught-up, sometimes to thier suprise. "Man, that's crazy!"

Mike Rose
From The Mind at Work 2004 Viking Press

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Mr. Thackeray said...

Why is it, though, that teachers are often obsessed with conformity and docility? It's almost as if many of us never stop blaming the kids and recognize our own inability to "detach" and see the bigger picture. We need the kids to behave and "get it" so badly so that we don't have to confront what seems like the impossible: helping disengaged kids get "caught up". Mike Rose has continued to be an inspiration to me. His books are always the dose of reality I need.