Monday, April 25, 2005

More Bad News

"That district is so bad, the whole thing needs to be scrapped! Destroy it and start over."

Looks like it's happening.

A couple of weeks ago the headlines announced fourteen more school closings. This weekend, the Plain Dealer reported 500 more teacher layoffs.
This follows the 1,400 teachers cut last year.

Whenever we think things can't get any worse for these kids, WHAM!! We take another hit.
I am afraid to imagine where all this is going.


Mr. Thackeray said...

What do you predict will happen to the district if things continue as they are?

marybeth said...

Unless a levy passes, the classroom situations will continue to deteriorate as they become more crowded with fewer and fewer teachers and no money for programs and materials. Parents will pull kids out and put them in the charter schools, (Notice how Republican David Brennan's for-profit Hope Academies are springing up all over the city?) Since the charter schools don't have special-needs programs, those students will have to remain in the Cleveland Schools. I see an educational stratification beginning. I also see the the teeth being pulled out of the (mostly Democratic)teacher's union as the number of it's members diminishes radically.

Adam Harvey said...

Tremont Elementary is one of the schools slated to close. Many of us around here are working hard, calling the school board, working with Councilman Cimperman, filling out petitions, offering possible alternatives [one of which is making TE a charter school]. If we fail, TE will become a swing school for Rhodes High School next year. Can you imagine going to a bathroom that is designed for someone half your size?

On the other side of things, my desire to become a teacher AND stay in the Cleveland area is hurt by these developments. Will a levy solve the problems though? Will the $$ it raises be spent correctly? Those are things I'm not sure about.