Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer Project: 1965 VW Beetle - Part 9

Take a look at these before and after pictures. Two months ago, Barney was nothing but a dangerous rust-bucket with gaping holes in the floor and a body slowly succumbing to the inevitable corrosion that results from driving the salted streets of the snowy Mid-west.

The Optimist was certain the Beetle would be on the road by the end of August...make that September...well, October for sure. Hey, I still think this bad-boy has come a long way in a short time, considering it has been a project delegated to spare-moment status.

The doors are finally on, and Tom has been sanding and smoothing the surface this week, getting ready for the first coat of primer.

Of course, the fenders still haven't arrived yet, the dealer has them back-ordered, but the bug is masked off and ready to be painted.

Hurry up... and wait. That's our mantra.

To be continued...

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Marty said...

Hi Marybeth,my name is Marty. I just put 200 down on a 1965 vw. The owner gets the 3000 dollar balance when he delivers it tomorrow night. The price seems steep compared to the few hundred you paid but, mine wil come as a rust free S Carolina immigrant to Wisconsin. My brother paints cars for a chevy dealer and told me he would be happy to paint any rust free car I bought. blog to come later

glen said...

Great work on Barnaby, keep the faith. I've been following your progress since you bought him.
Our 1962 convertible is named frankenbug, because he is made up of of pieces-parts from alot of other dead bugs.
I will send a pic if you let me know how.

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