Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Project: 1965 VW Beetle - Part 3: Bug A La Carte

" C'mon to the shop and take more picture's. Hurry!"

The Optimist's voice sounded like a kid waking up his parents on Christmas morning.
I pulled into the lot and was greeted by a what looked more like a skeleton than a car.

"Whoa!" I thought, "What the hell happened here?"

As I walked into the shop I saw the rest of the car, up above my head, on one of the lifts.

"Take some pictures before it comes down. " said Tom, " I want you to get some good shots of the inside from this angle."

To make sure the body won't shift out of alignment, Tom welded some steel rods to the Beetle's frame to brace it. Something needs to hold little Barney together when he removes the rusted heater channels.

Thursday, while other people were out celebrating Happy Hour after work, the Optimist was getting happy with a welder. Not only did he brace up the Beetle body, but he devised what could only be called a gurney, so that the body could be rolled around the shop and out of the way when all of the lifts were needed for paying customers.

Here's a picture of the body being placed on the gurney. Unlike a lot of other bodies on gurneys, the plan for this one is resurrection.
To be continued
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