Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Project: 1965 VW Beetle - Part 2: Taking it Off and Putting it On

Well, the Optimist has given Barney's restoration a month to complete, and it looks like he means business. The frame has been straightened out, and the crunched-up hood has been replaced already. An old friend just happened to know someone who had some spare VW hoods and engine covers just lying around, and who could have guessed? They fit perfectly!

The fenders were a rusty disaster, so they've got to go. There will be no mud on this bug. New ones have been ordered, and we are waiting for them to be delivered. One of the floor pans came today. The other one is back ordered...Hope it won't take too long.

Hey! What happened to the engine? It's already been pulled out and waiting to be cleaned.

All this in just two afternoons....after work?

I jokingly call Tom "the Optimist", but it looks like the guy knows what he's doing.
So far, so good.

Now I can only say: "I'm impressed".

To be continued

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