Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Did Say "No" to the Packing Noodles

"Can you use this? I was going to throw it out, but I thought maybe someone would want it."

"Hmmm... almost trash. Naturally, you thought of me?"

"Well, you're creative. Can't your students make something out of this?"

"Ahhh..ummm...well...uhhh...Thank you very much."

Mother taught us to be gracious, so I found storage for what ever bit of rescued refuse was handed to me. I have a very large supply room, and a huge classroom, 40' x 80'.
An amazing collection began to accumulate of margarine tubs, spools, half-rolls of wrapping paper, yarn, leftover fabric, house paint, leftover craft supplies, stryrofoam, chop sticks, shoelaces, cardboard name it. The list goes on and on.

Ironically, I don't do crafty projects.

My good manners are now coming back to bite me.

The Boss just informed me I have to pack up everything in the art room and move it to the east end of the building. Max Hayes High School is slated for renovation, with construction beginning this summer. All of the teachers on the second and third floors of our building will be displaced for a year. Some will move to trailers in the parking lot. I will be teaching in a much smaller room in the second floor annex.

I suggested we order extra dumpsters.

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