Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Omen

"What the ...?!"
A flutter of feathers at my shoulder. "I'm being attacked by a bird!" I shouted as I ducked, covering my face with my hands.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," Tom turned around and smiled. "I've had a visitor this afternoon."

Looking behind me in the direction of a chirp, I saw a blue parakeet perched on one of the machines just a few feet away. I walked slowly toward the bird slowly and extended my finger. The pretty little creature stepped right on.

" Looks like it's someones pet."

"I was working on the Volkswagen, and it landed right on the door right next to me. It's been hanging around for a while now." Tom said.

"They're both the same color." I mused "Maybe it thought the bug was it's mother...It's enormously huge mother."

Tom filled a little bottle cap with water and offered it to the bird, who took a few sips, then flew off off my finger and onto an air hose. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of pictures before the parakeet flew back out the shop door and disappeared.

" You know, a psychic once told me that when a bird flies into a room it's an omen, a sign of good luck, like the universe is blessing that place." I said " This must mean the business is going to do well."

"It landed on the Volkswagen first." Tom reminded.

"Could be we've got us a lucky bug."
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Anonymous said...

Perfectly fabulous - love the parakeet!

marybeth said...

I was planning to take the parakeet home,and place a lost and found ad, fearing it might not survive the wild outdoors. But apparently the bird had other ideas, and it never returned. Hopefully it found it's way back to it's own family.

worldpeace said...

It's so cute...Can it speak?