Friday, April 15, 2005

On The Air

Yeah...That was me on the radio this morning.
If you were tuned to WMJI, Lannigan and Malone's morning drive-time show at 7:40 AM, and heard the woman talking about teaching in Cleveland, it was yours truly.

The producer contacted me a couple of weeks ago after the Plain Dealer story about my weblog came out, and asked if I would do a 10 minute phone interview. My initial reaction was "No way!"...I hate to be in videos, photographs, or listen to my own disembodied voice. But my friends encouraged me to do it, (I am assuming, for the sheer entertainment of listening to me stumble through questions) and so I agreed.

I hope you all were listening.


Mr. Thackeray said...

I used to listen to Lannigan and Malone all the time. I wish I would have heard the interview. How'd it go?

marybeth said...

Except for some interference from the traffic report coming through over the air while they were talking to me, I think it went okay. I got pretty good feedback from my friends who were listening. But, one of the nicest things that anyone said came from John Eby, the District Fine Arts supervisor. He told me I would be fired if I ever STOP blogging.