Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer Project: 1965 VW Beetle - Part 5

"You know there's a lot more work to this thing than I first thought."

After waiting a couple of weeks for parts to start arriving, the Optimist has thrown himself wholeheartedly back into restoring Barney to his 1965 former glory. New shocks, new brake lines, new floor pans, new heater channels, new front and rear panels, and new sheet metal to replace the rusted stuff.

"Ve vill get it done!" He assures me, in the feigned burgermeister accent, that seems to be inspired by the little German car.

This week has been consumed with welding and grinding. A whole lot of hard work on his part, to be sure, but it does make for some pretty pictures from my side of the camera.

The completion date has been pushed along a few more weeks.

"End of the month," he nods "We'll be on the road by the end of the month."

To be continued...
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