Sunday, October 31, 2004


For the first time I won't be passing out candy.

I'm having a new driveway put in, and it is blocked off. I really hate it when people stomp through my flower beds, and they do, even when the driveway is accessible.
We get literally hundreds of trick-or-treaters on my street in Cleveland Heights. Van loads from Cleveland and East Cleveland. Occasionally I will have one of my students or former students come to my door, and when I ask what brings them to my part of town, I'm told they come here because it is a safe neighborhood, and we give out lots of candy.

I normally have three different baskets of candy. Big candy bars for the kids who actually live on my street. Trick-or-treat size candy (Snickers, Reese's etc.) for kids in costumes, and gumballs and pixie stix for the teenagers and adults who come to the door with no costumes and a gimmme attitude.
It seems like each year there are more and more adults who just haven't been able to let go of the trick-or-treat thing. You'd think they would be embarrassed.

I don't chastise...that's not my place...I just wonder, raise an eyebrow, and hand them a pixie stick.


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