Sunday, October 03, 2004

A New Year

Last night I was out until the very early hours of this morning with a group of friends, celebrating the end of one successful year of very positive changes and accomplishments. This morning, I am taking a little time to set some 12 month goals, both professional and personal.

As a teacher I have spent my life planning, writing out goals, forming measurable objectves, aligning activities, and developing pacing charts. It wasn't until recently that I saw the correlation between my classes and my life.
Hey, if I can use my organizational and planning skills to effect positive change in the lives of one hundred and seventy teenagers each year, what could happen if I applied those same learning tools to my own life?

Lo and behold! Those parts of my life that for so long existed only in chaos, began taking a direction. In areas where I had been merely a participant, I gained control.

Birthdays used to be a date to bemoan the fact that I was not as young as I used to be. Now they have taken on a new signifigance.
October 3rd has become like the first day of school. Today, I begin a new twelve month cycle of learning and accomplisments.

I look out of my window and see the sun is shining in a cloudless sky.
In Cleveland, Ohio; that is a very good omen.


Mary Beth said...

Great idea. I love my birthday. I totally don't understand people who don't observe their start in life. New Year's is another type of celebration worth observing -- sort of like a societal birthday.

Happy recent birthday to you and thanks for teaching our kids.

reaching goals said...

After a good read on blogs like this I like to leave little tips on goal setting. You know, the things you used to dream of when you were young, or even now.

A lot of research has shown that only those who set goals are likely to achieve their dreams.

When is the last time you really sat down and wrote a few short term and long term goals down?

What? It's been that long!

A new year is coming. You could do the same things you did this year and achieve the same results you did with your life dreams last year, or you could visit reaching goals and read all the FREE information on setting goals and getting what you want out of life


you could just piddle on through life hoping for the best, like most people do.

Which will it be?

You really can have a lot more of everything than you do now. All you gotta do is know what you want and have a plan.

Have a GREAT New Year!