Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Political Right Acting Ethically Wrong

My oldest son, Ben, called to tell me about a letter he received from the board of elections in Summit County saying that his right to vote was being challenged by a woman from Copely whom he had never met. The challenge stated that he did not live at the address listed on his registration (he is registered a a Democrat). Ben has been living at the same address in Cuyahoga Falls for two years now.

What is happening here in Ohio?

Who are these people who will let themselves and their names be used by a political party to deny other Americans, whom they do not know, the right to vote? Were they tricked, or did they fully understand their part in these political shenanigans? Are these people issuing challenges simply because they have been told to with out asking why?

I want to believe in the fundamental goodness of Americans.
I want to believe that common sense is not rare amongst the common people.

What I see happening in Ohio frightens me.

Bill Callahan post his comments about the Summit County voter high jinks this week in his Cleveland Diary with good links to other news stories about this season's election mischief


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