Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Intern

It's official...Finally after a few phone calls and faxes, Alice, my student teacher from Cleveland State will begin her internship with me Monday. She will be the 10th "rookie" I will have had the pleasure of working with directly since I began teaching in Cleveland.

She is coming to me from an eight week stint at a K-8 building in the Cleveland School District, and she can't wait to start in a high school.
My kind of attitude...We are going to have fun.

Many veteran teachers won't take an intern, because they are a lot of work, (paperwork, time, discussion) but I love working with student teachers.
I like to be able to have them experience that a learning environment can be focused on creativity, tolerance, and respect, as opposed to rules, rules, and more rules.
How can we ever teach people to "think outside of the box" when we haven't climbed out of it ourselves?

Yep, we're gonna have fun....I'll keep you posted.

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