Tuesday, September 14, 2004


"Your butt called me about an hour ago." Susan informed me. The smirk on her face exuded through the phone.

"Really? Again? I wasn't sitting on my phone. It was on my leg. I was wearing cargos."

"Well, you were talking to somebody...blah,blah,blah...You weren't talking about me so I hung-up."

"Ohhh! I know...That wasn't my butt calling, it was Max.
I was taking him for a walk and he got scared.
A kid's wheelchair frightened him. He was leaning on my leg, hoping I would protect him.
I'm sorry I really should lock that keypad."

"That's okay. So now I'm getting phone calls from your dog. Who were you talking to?"

"A kid named Joe. He wanted to pet Max, but Max was terrified of the wheelchair. He was shaking.
Pretty ironic, my guard dog is cowering behind me."

"So, did you save him?"

"Actually Max made a new friend. Joe climbed out of the chair and Max warmed up pretty fast.
The three of us sat on the sidewalk and had a nice long chat."

"Where were you?"

"On Mayfeild Road."

"Now that must have been quite the rush-hour sight. A woman, a kid, and a huge Doberman, sitting on the sidewalk with an abandoned wheelchair.
Did anybody stop?"

"No, but we were getting quite a few stares."

"That's what I like about you. You are sooo not normal."

And I'm so lucky to have friends who understand me.

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