Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bully Beat-down

A bully was suspended from school last week for threatening several students.
To their credit, they were not intimidated, and went through the established proceedure for handling these situations. Because they stood up for themselves, a number of other students came forward and told their stories of intimidation and sexual harrassment to the administration.
I have a feeling this big boy may not finish out the year at our school.

Over the past couple of days since he has been gone from my class, I can see a marked difference in the atmosphere amongst that particular group of students. Quiet kids are participating in discussion, smart-aleck comments (from the students) are nearly non-existant. The tenor of the clasroom is relaxed and the kids now seem eager to learn

What really intrigues me is the power of that boy's personality.
I wonder if he was always like that. What if he used his power for good instead of evil? What if he could become a leader instead of a future resident of one of our fine penal institutions?

Now there's a project.

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