Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Confessions of a Technotard

Yes, that would be a pretty apt description of me.

At school we have several digital cameras.
I love to take pictures, but I can't seem to get my pictures to go to the desired destinations. They keep getting lost, or stuck, or they are just plain ornery and give me error messages.

Reminds me of a road trip through northern Kentucky many years ago.
My boyfriend and I somehow got lost in an Appalachan holler. When we stopped at a little general store/gas station, the three local checker players laughed at us and shook their heads.
"Ya can't get there from here."
That was it. That was all the help we got from the old-timers.

Likewise, my pictures are lost in the holler of a file. Each time I try to get them to go someplace, like my blog, they seem to laugh at me and say "We can't get there from here."

Once I get all this technology figured out, I'll try to show you where I work and what I do.
I won't be able to post pictures of my students, though, since they are minors.
I will try to get some shots of the building and the neighborhood.

Wish me luck.

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