Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Cleveland Graffiti

On Hayen Avenue in East Cleveland, neighbors repainted an abandoned corner store that had become a message board for local gangsters. Although the neighbors seem to be fighting a loosing battle against the taggers, the painted walls still add an urban coolness to this depressed neighborhood.

Looking up from the dashboard, I noticed a train stopped on the bridge ahead. One of Cleveland's best taggers left a holiday message on the side of this box car a few years ago. Ridl's graffiti transcends tagging and crosses that ambiguous line into the realm of art. I am proud to say, he is a former student, a Max Hayes alum.

How can anyone even mention Cleveland graffiti without HEK. Not the most talented but certainly the most prolific tagger in the city. He has left his mark EVERYWHERE. I understand he has recently been outed by the justice system, and is now a bonafide art criminal.

A ghost image discovered under the Detroit-Superior bridge.

No artistic talent what-so-ever, but plenty of passion.
I found this remnant of summer love on the break wall at Gordon Park.

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