Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pink Prisoner

Art is where you find it.

I came across this pink flamingo peeking through the barbed wire behind an auto parts store on West 25th Street. I guess this is what happens to the ones who dare to leave the lush lawns of Parma Heights and venture into the big city.
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dkzody said...

Love the photo...good eye for catching the randomness in our lives.

Nice to know there is another inner city teacher here in blogdom, trying to make sense of our craziness, and telling others about it.

marybeth said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I checked your blog, and was delighted, in turn, to find a kindred spirit on the west coast. I have added your blog to my favorites.

saturn auto parts said...

what a beautiful photograph!
i love the the colors, the small things in life that people notice and capture is amazing to me. beautiful.


crow warrior said...

With regard to the shoes hanging from the power/phone lines - Unfortunately, this is a ritual practiced by many gang communities to commemorate the death of the shoe's owners. In parts of the country where gang activity has reached truly monsterous proportions, there are entire "turfs" that are covered with these sad shrines.