Friday, July 18, 2008

Making Art at Holden Arboretum

This week I've probably made more art than I have in any five day period of time since my undergrad days at Ohio University.

The class, Art in the Natural World, consists of approximately 25 teachers from districts across North East Ohio. Most of us are art teachers, some are elementary teachers who teach art in their classes. All week long we have participating in lessons that get us roaming around the grounds of the Holden Arboretum to find inspiration for the art we are working on that day. Each day is a different project (sometimes two or three) in a different medium.

On Monday the first lesson was the creation of a book to use as a journal for the class. The cover of the journal was decorated with a copper foil design derived from the sketches we worked on by Holden Pond that morning. I spent my time buried in a winterberry bush. I wasn't too happy with my final product, but not disgusted either.

Tuesday we talked about Green Men, and looked at various examples. We spent the later part of the morning sketching in the woods, and returned to the studio to create our own version of a Green Man in clay. Mine became a Green Woman

Wednesday was spent in the butterfly garden painting in watercolor. I couldn't decide on a flower, so I painted the field across the from the garden.

Thursday we collected material from the gardens to be used in various forms of print making. We made linoleum block prints, worked with photo paper and plant materials in the dark room, and printed off of a dead fish. Printmaking has never been my thing. I get so frustrated with the process.. I did enjoy working in the dark room though.
I'm posting these photos this morning before I head off to the last class. Today we will be working with pastels.
I've been having some very interesting conversations with teachers from other districts, and will share some of the things I've been reflecting on relating to teaching art in Cleveland. One thing I'll tell you right now ... it sucks to be a "Have Not".

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Anonymous said...

MB- A breath-taking watercolor! Your artistic talent goes way deeper than mere technique - can we see more of your work?