Friday, July 22, 2005

I Hate Homework

Wednesday night, for the first time, I attended a Blogger Meet-up: bloggers in the Greater Cleveland area meeting over beverages discussing blogging.
It was interesting to see the faces of the folks who share their thoughts with the world. I'd met about a third of them already, since the type of bloggers who like to go to meetings are often active in other areas of the community.

The atmosphere reminded me of the turn-of-the-century salons, the incubators of the great art and literary movements of the 1900's.
Here in the twenty-first century sat a new group of thinkers. Each began to amplify their individual voice as they learned to use the technology of the internet. Coming together socially they have begun to realize the exponential increase in the power of the group to influence and inform the public -- the power to effect change.

We were given a homework assignment by the groups coordinator, George Nemeth, to post the blogs we read at least every other day.
I am a procrastinator by choice, surely an interesting case for a psychological study. I don't like rules or deadlines or assignments; making my career choice an odd one indeed. I was tempted not to participate on principle and personality.
Two days later I caved in.
I am a victim of peer pressure posting.
Now, since I see the rest of the group have already written about their 'must read' blogs, I am feeling a bit left out.

Here is my short list. I qualify it since many of the blogs I like to read are not updated daily. These are (usually):
Brewed Fresh Daily
Callahan's Cleveland Diary
Cuyahoga County Planning Comission


Linda said...

I can't believe this! I had to miss the Meetup, due to work conflicts. Man, I would have enjoyed meeting another teacher who blogs.

I post on:


marybeth said...

Thank you Linda.
I checked out your blogs, and wow...I will have to spend more time reading. We certainly have a lot in common. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Daniella said...

It was nice to meet you MB. Maybe next time we can have time to chat. I think the idea of Salon is exactly what I was thinking.
Welcome and hope that Linda will also come :)