Wednesday, January 19, 2005

On Ego, Guilt, and an Accused Rapist.

I know. I know.
I have been neglecting my journal...and I promised that I would get back to writing, since my original intention was to use my writing as an attempt to organize my thoughts and discipline myself to manage my time.
Okay...those who know me well could have predicted this lapse, as organization and discipline are not words normally associated with me, nor qualities I have ever been accused of possessing.
What I admit to possessing is an ego.
Last night, attending an event at Case University, I was chastised by two different sets of people who noticed my virtual silence. It felt good to be missed.

So many things have been happening at school which I should have been writing about, that in order to assuage my Catholic guilt, I will have to share with you in the next few days.

The latest incident was the arrest of a security guard in our building this past weekend. The guard was accused of molesting/raping two 15 year old female students during school hours in the security office. The story broke on television Monday night, and Tuesday morning, my classes were all abuzz.

Of course, in order to take what could be a gossip-fest and turn it into a teachable moment, I was required to use a bit of a tricky manipulation, since so much of the information that was circulating was innuendo.
We did have some insightful conversations, however, on the difference between rape and consensual sex, statutory rape, employee hiring practices, and the justice system.
Not exactly what I had planned for my morning classes...but it probably will have more impact on these kids lives than a lecture about color theory.


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