Thursday, July 22, 2004


It HAS been a long time since I sat down and posted anything. 
My excuse? I decided to devote some time to mental slacking. 

July is nearly over. Next week I start picking up a few graduate semester credits, and my head will be back into the education realm. But this  week was devoted to friends and foolishness.  I did have one observation regarding learning, albeit the thought was prompted by the Tuesday night trivia game played at Scorchers,  over several glasses of Guinness. ( By the way my brother David and I kicked some intellectual ass amongst that Bainbridge bar crowd) My observation? I have learned a LOT of useless crap in my lifetime.
It amazes me;  I can remember the names of extinct sea creatures, but not where I left my car keys. I can make a chronological list of hit songs from the seventies, but I forget to call my brother on his birthday.  Why is it, I can retain all kinds of irrelevant information, but not the stuff that is important to my daily living and relationships?

Enough thinking.
I shall return to my slackitudinal position...something absolutely non-intellectual. After all this is summer vacation....Hmmm, I wonder what's on TV this early in the morning?



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