Monday, July 26, 2004

Music Issues

Now don't get me wrong, I love music.
I've got a load of CD's. Play them in my car when I cruise the Shoreway, back and forth ,from my job on the westside to my house on the eastside.
Couldn't play an instrument, though. if my life depended on it. I sing in my basement when I paint or do laundry, and dance in my kitchen when I make soup or pasta. (Something about that great big pot just gets me going) I tend to keep music, especially when I participate in it's creation, a personal, private part of my life.
So it was with great discomfort that I joined two dozen other teachers and artists on stage at Cleveland State Universities Music Building to dance and move and clap and sing. It wasn't fun...I was doing it for graduate credit hours, as a part of the Summer Institute Arts Program.
My mild dyslexia screws up my coordination of right and left, so I tend to throw off any group performance with unintentional comic malfunctioning. I really don't mind providing a humorous element to a production, but I think some of the people this afternoon were taking this group dancing thing a little too seriously, as evidenced by their looks of annoyance.
Today, I will be exploring my relationship with the theater. More a lesson in creativity than an opportunity to lose inhibitions that seem to serve me just fine .

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