Thursday, May 13, 2004

Thank you

I've never liked to listen to my voice on a recording. I have always been camera shy, and video recordings make me the most squeamish.
To have to watch myself on such a large screen, in such a large theater, with such a large group of people, was akin to my own personal "Fear Factor" episode.
Having just lived through that struggle with my self-consciousness, I walked up on the stage to give a speech which I had prepared, but couldn't see without my reading glasses. For vanities sake, I didn't bring them, I was trying to avoid the school-marm look.
I amazed myself...all that adrenilen in my system must have pumped some extra blood to my brain. I didn't forget a thing.

For all of my friends and colleagues and members of the arts and the education communities who came to the Ohio Theater to congratulate and wish me well, I thank you with all my heart. Your kind words meant so much to me. I am still amazed at all the recognition I've received for doing something that is so much fun; something that I love to do.
I am so very grateful for your support. You make this job a joy.


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