Thursday, October 04, 2012

Opening the Door

A phrase I've been hearing a lot lately is "When one door closes another one opens".  After several months of exploring my options, I have decided on Door Number Two.

I am now following my passion... Well, one of them.

I have been teaching art for nearly 30 years - 23 of those years in the Cleveland Public Schools.  Now that my teaching career has hit the cliched bump-in-the-road, I am taking the advice of my students and becoming a Real Artist. 
With a website.  And a Fan Page.  
Check them out, then "like" me, vote, for me, favor me, follow me... whatever.
Just do something, then buy something.  Here are the links:

Website: MB Matthews - Fine Art

Facebook: MB Matthews - Fine Art 

You can also find my work at  Cleveland Photos For Sale

 Being an artist is a lot of work. The past few days were spent putting up the website, and then today I made my first sale.  It's one of my Cleveland photos called "Lake Erie Ice" (above).  The buyer was someone from Washington DC. I'm imagining a homesick Clevelander as I don't really think too many other folks have a longing to display our chilly city on the lake named Erie.

So, now that I'm officially a Real Artist, I have determined it will be in my best financial interest to renew my presence on as many social media platforms as possible; which means MB Matthews:Street Smarts is returning from the long hiatus that was the result of one woman trying to juggle too many tasks. Teaching, parenting, and a new husband left little time for writing. 
Since I'm not teaching, there is a lot more room in my once hectic schedule.


I'll save that cliffhanger for another post.
Stay tuned... or add me to your newsfeed... or follow me... or whatever...

P.S.  If you click on the link to the MB Matthews - Fine Art website, you'll get a hint.  :-)

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