Sunday, December 14, 2008

Summer Project: 1965 Volkswagen Beetle - Part 10

Finally! After nearly 3 months in limbo, the Barney the Blue Beetle is back on the blog.

Tempted as I am to smugly scoff as The Optimist's ambitious September completion date became distant memory, I find that I must rise to his defense instead. It seems the little Bug fell victim to the national economic crisis. Here's the story:

New fenders were ordered from an after market dealer in California way back in August. The dealer paid a trucking company to ship the parts, and then right before the truck was ready to hit the road, the shipping company went out of business. Weeks became months, lawyers and accountants worked out the details, and eventually when the snow began to fly, the fenders found their way to Cleveland.

Tom popped the engine into the Beetle and drove it to a friend's body shop to have it painted. When I stopped by to check out the shiny new coat of Sea Blue, I was surprised to see the fenders were still not on the car, they were sitting behind the driver's seat.

I followed along behind as Tom drove the fender-less little car down St. Claire Avenue back to his shop in Euclid. Thank goodness we didn't cross paths with any of the city's finest, as it seems we'd forgotten the license plates on the dinning room table back at home.

No job is ever simple. Well at least that's my experience - it could have something to do with the blond hair. It took me two trips to Home Depot to get the right size washers to fit the bolts.

Fenders at last!

Next task - Bumpers!
To be continued...
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John Ettorre said...

Love it, MB. That old VW Beetle-- the original model, I mean--is among the most evocative things of all for we folks of a certain age. I loved this report, and look forward to seeing that car when it's finished. Have a great holiday season, will ya?

marybeth said...

When the bug is finally done, I'm sure you will see it tooling around the Heights; it's not going to stay shut up in a garage. Make sure and honk your horn!

It's been too long since we've bumped into one another. Our paths don't cross nearly as often as they used to.

Happy holidays, right back atcha!

Kathy G said...

Didn't you know that every hardware project requires at least two trips to the store.

Beautiful pictures. Love the color!