Sunday, October 12, 2008


Overheard at a party last night:
Republican 1: I've voted Republican for the past 30 years, but this time I'm voting for Obama.
Republican 2: But he's BLACK!
Republican 1: I lost $40,000 this week. How much did you lose?
Republican 2: $38,000.
Republican 1: Think about it.
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Anonymous said...

The market rate for overcoming prejudice?


Crow Warrior 1952 said...

So - no blacks are republicans? No republican blacks have lost lost money? White democtrats didn't lose money? White democrats won't vote for O'Bama (Irish spelling)?

What folks diregard is the IRS changed an accounting rule, so that banks, investment houses, insurance companies and so on must now carry on their books the ORIGINAL value of any (investment) real estate holdings instead of the CURRENT value of those positions. Because this is an accounting rule change, it did NOT require Executive approval.

Why did the IRS do this? Simple, really - a candidate for the Presidency has promised to reduce federal government intrusion into State and private matters. This same candidate has formulated a strategy to curtail IRS power and authority. Like so many other Fed "services", the IRS wants a bigger sahe of the pie, and curtailment threatens them. So they crapped up the economy, and cut a deal with the other candidate to strengthen their own position at the financial feed trough, to include the financial assault on entrepenureship and free market entities.
It's funny - the chief talking head of this country is going to come down to a choice between the lesser of two evils....