Thursday, August 07, 2008

WOW - My First Wade Oval Wednesday

"Hi MB!"
It was my good friend Tony Cuda's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Have you ever been to a Wade Oval Wednesday? "

"Well, I've heard of them, does that count?"

"Let's go this Wednesday," he laughed. " I've been to a few, and can't help thinking that you would really enjoy yourself."
I always do have a good time when Tony invites me to an event, no matter where we go. Between his involment in local politics and the music scene, Tony seems to know almost everyone in Cleveland, and has introduced me to some of the most interesting people.

Wade Oval Wednesdays are free family concerts, held weekly all summer long, in the big green space (Wade Oval) that lies between the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Natural History Museum, and The Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

This week an Irish folk band, The New Barley Corns, who I've had the pleasure of listening to at many an Irish festival over the years, entertained the crowd.

I was surprised at the number of people attending this event. We heard later on it was the largest crowd so far this summer.

Little children stormed the stage whenever the band played a brisk Gaelic tune. So many young families here in Cleveland still connect with their Irish roots, and continue to pass this ancestral pride on to their kids.

Tiny feet enchanted the audience, adding a little extra, impromptu, entertainment to the scheduled performance. Irish dancing is definitely not a lost art in Cleveland, Ohio.
Tony and I met two of the most laid-back beautiful greyhounds ever. Their owner (a fellow Cleveland teacher) rescued them both from abuse, neglect, and a scheduled date for euthanasia.
Although I've seen greyhounds before, it was always at a distance. After meeting these elegant, sweet tempered creatures, I would seriously consider a greyhound when the day comes I ever would want to get a dog to replace my buddy Max.

My sincere applause to Chris Ronayne and University Circle Inc. for sponsoring Wade Oval Wednesdays. This is exactly the type of event that showcases the best of side Cleveland.
I definitely recommend my Cleveland readers make an effort to get over to University Circle on a Wednesday evening before the end of summer, especially if you have children or grandchildren. Go with your neighbors, enjoy the music, and remember the event is free.
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