Monday, October 16, 2006

And when
I am
in the street
the people
I am

James E. Magner Jr.
Only the Shadow of the Great Fool. 1996

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vicque fassinger said...

What a wonderful surprise seeing that vertical jotting by Magner. I was just thinking of him and speaking fondly of him late tonight (there is really no other way to speak or think of him) ~ how he would lean against his open doorway and wait for me "There she is!!" he would say with delight like a child seeing the ice cream truck finally arrive at the curb of his world. He was always so calm with everything, about everything. And as he lay dying, I kissed him and told him I would see him again. And then I left and drove into the sunset. It was good to see his words and his name and his soul on your site. thank you for that.