Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm Back (Part 3)

This afternoon, I am once again at the East 185th Street Arabica in Cleveland's North Collinwood neighborhood, sitting with a cup of ice tea and typing away on my lap-top.
I am working on my class assignment which I will be posting later today, but I needed to share the thought I just had with all of you.
Two weeks ago, I would have scoffed, if someone would have suggested I partake in such overt geekiness. I am more inclined to make fun of the solitary techi, light from the flat screen reflecting off his glasses, fingers pecking away at the keyboard.
Now here I am. There is something to be said for this public, yet semi-anonymous, space that is so conducive to getting work done.
In my student days I would escape my distractions by going to the library to study. This is like a much cooler library with soft music, caffeine, food, and instead of a shushing librarian, really pleasant staff.

I am now officially geeked.


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Mary Beth,

Move toward the light...



Cindy Maxey said...

Mary Beth,

We librarians very rarely "shush" anymore; we welcome your coffee and you and will gladly help you find the information you need when Google just isn't cutting it. Oh, and we're free to all.

Cindy Maxey
Avon Lake Public Library

marybeth said...

Thank you Cindy, my apologies. Yes, libraries certainly have changed in recent years. I suppose in reminiscing about my college days, that old image was the one that came to mind.

So I could bring my coffee now eh?
Hmm...Wouldn't it be cool if libraries would allow groups to hold bake sales and sell coffee right on the premisis on a regular schedule. They could set up a little cafe-type area like they have in bookstores? Just a thought. Maybe there are libraries that do that already.