Friday, August 05, 2005

Byrd-Bennett Resigns

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the superintendent of the Cleveland Municipal School District, announced her plan to resign the position today. She will be staying on only until a replacement is hired.

I always liked her, felt that she truly had the best interests of the students and teachers at heart, and am sorry to see her leave. I do feel she had few other options following the election Tuesday. Clevelander's vote of no confidence demanded a change in leadership, and she is graciously giving up the helm.

This places an even greater emphasis on education in the upcoming mayoral election. The candidates must include strategies for finding a new superintendent and administrative team, as well as the educational reform models that will be implemented.


Jeff Hess said...
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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom MaryBeth,

Why would any educational administrator with a promising career path come to Cleveland now?

It seems to me that the lesson of the Levy and Barbara Byrd-Bennet's not-unexpected resignation is that Cleveland Public Schools have become a career killer.

Are the problems within Cleveland's school fixable by anyone within the school system, or, as I believe, are they part of a much larger challenge that teachers and administrators have no control over?

The height of insanity is to continue to repeat the same action and expect a different result.

For numerous reasons, those who control the purse strings have decided that money will not be forthcoming.

Now what?


Jeff Hess