Sunday, June 06, 2004

As an educator, I am compelled to learn.
Whether I learn from the mistakes of others, or from my own foibles, I've discovered that insight can always be gained by an examination of failure.
Of course there are also great lessons in success, especially if we backtrack to how and where the seeds were planted.

Let me toss a couple of questions out to my readers:

Through out your career as a student, from preschool to grad school, did you have any extraordinary teachers?
What made them good?
What did you learn from them?
What did they do or say that motivated you?
Do they know today how they influenced you?

Think back to the most miserable teacher(s) you ever had.
What were they like?
What did they do?
What effect did they have on your development?
Were you able to salvage anything good from the experience?

Think back on your classes.
What is it that you remember most clearly?
Was it the content?
The atmosphere?
The characters?

Your stories will help me as I plan a professional development workshop for teachers. Your comments are appreciated.
Thanks to all.

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