Tuesday, April 20, 2004


A letter was put in the mailbox of every staff member this morning from our CEO. It began with the words:

"It is with deep sadness that I write to you today."

She went on to discuss the cuts in programs and massive layoffs that will be announced this evening at the school board meeting.

We have known for some time that our building was going to lose staff. We all wonder who and how many will be given notice, and have quietly guessed, but like a family with a member who is gravely ill, only speak our suspicions in hushed tones.
Veterans, whose jobs are the most secure, relay stories to the newer teachers about the layoffs and job shuffling that happened in the eighties and nineties. "Don't worry." they assure, "People get rehired soon enough."

I've been around for a while, and in the nineties, was even laid off once in June to be rehired in August. This time feels different though...Somehow, more desperate.

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